How amazing is my job…

How many jobs are there where you get up in the morning and you’re excited to go to work?

Some days, when I’m on a low-risk placement, with a lovely mentor, I am just thrilled to be going to work, I can’t wait to get there. There is something amazing about this job, even in community, when it’s not all about births, it’s the more mundane everyday midwifery work, feeling squirmy babies in  tummies, chatting about women’s small aches and pains, reassuring them that everything is normal, sharing their fears and excitement about the upcoming birth, talking about names for the baby, having a laugh with the Dads.

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I feel privileged to be doing this job, it’s such an intimate relationship we form with our women, a bond born out of a common fascination with birth that we share with them. I love seeing the same women week in, week out, getting to know their older kids, letting them play with the Pinard, listening in as a family to the baby’s heartbeat.

Sometimes we lose sight of how lucky we are to be in these women’s lives at this emotional time, it can become mundane, that’s why I enjoy talking to you guys, who are at the beginning of this amazing journey, you haven’t lost any of that awe at the incredibleness of birth! Or one of my friends at Uni reminds me of why we’re doing this, becoming the best midwives we can be, providing the care that women deserve, being caring and compassionate, and not intervening just for the sake of it, allowing women to find their own path on this journey, joining with them rather than leading them.

Being with woman, says it all.


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