The death of Savita

You may have seen in the news recently the story about Savita Halappanavar, an Indian woman living in Galway, in Ireland, who died in Galway University Hospital after being admitted with back pain, in the middle of miscarrying her baby.

I’ve spoken to a few of my close Irish friends, and we are all angry. Furious. How can it be possible that a woman has been treated this way in a developed country? We all suspect that the Catholic Church still has more influence over our lives than we would like, we know that they have too much control over education, and over the legislation proposed by government. Now it appears that their influence penetrates much deeper into the health services than we knew. We assumed that doctors were acting with the best interests of the women they were caring for at heart.

However, it now seems that the iniquitous lies of the pro-life brigade have done their work, and undermined the ethical code of our doctors, who have put the life of a dying fetus ahead of the life of its mother. This illogical attitude is characteristic of the latest campaigns coming out of pro-life in the US, where the latest fallacy is that abortion is never medically necessary to save the life of the mother, that it is not a therapeutic treatment in any circumstance.

If this makes you angry, it should. Women shouldn’t be treated as second-class citizens, breeders, worthless containers for their valuable fetuses. Whatever your views on abortion, there should be have been no hesitation in this case, where the fetus could not have survived the cervix being fully dilated.

Our thoughts go out to Savita’s husband and family, and the huge loss they have suffered. May she rest in peace.