Becoming a self-employed community midwife!

For fans of my blog, sorry for the gap in posts, I have been very busy with an international move, I have now settled in Ireland with my family. In the meantime I have worked in a busy UK maternity hospital in the postnatal ward, labour ward and midwifery-led unit. I will be telling you more about those experiences now that I have some more time on my hands. Since arriving in Ireland I have been working on a busy postnatal ward, which has been a wonderful teamwork experience.

But my big news is that I have now finished working in the hospital, and am developing my career in a new direction. I have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Health Service Executive (HSE – that’s the Irish version of the NHS), and I am now a self-employed community midwife!

This is very similar to being an independent midwife in the UK, but with a few differences. By signing the MOU, I agree to carry out a risk assessment when I book a woman in early pregnancy, and if there are any issues which would make her high risk, I will refer her for a consultant review. This risk assessment is evidence-based, with the aim of providing the best care to each woman in her pregnancy. The main exclusions for home birth are women who have had previous cesarean sections, body mass index over 35 and any serious medical or obstetric problems.

In return for signing up to these guidelines, the HSE provides me with full insurance cover, as if I were working in the maternity hospital as a midwife. This means that I am really part of the HSE team, and if a woman I am caring for transfers to the hospital but remains low risk, I can still catch her baby. The continuity of care that I can provide in this scenario is very important to me.

I feel that my new experiences in this role might be interesting to some people, but they are really beyond the scope of this blog, I am well past the student midwife experience now! So I am starting a new blog, and hope you will follow me there as well.






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