A fab post about baby-friendly C-sections and post-section breastfeeding.

Mother Revolution

So, this girlfriend of mine has always wanted a super crunchy, all natural, birth center birth.  With her first pregnancy, she did her research, interviewed the local midwives, and made a birth plan.  And then about half way through the pregnancy, the worst thing happened.  Her water broke and she lost her baby girl.

Second pregnancy, she was all revved up to try again.  She embraced hope, fell in love with her growing belly and the baby inside it, and made up her birth plan for her all natural, birth center birth.  But wait!  This baby was breech, and despite her best efforts (including the attempt of a very good OB to perform an external version–turn the baby from the outside so he could be born head first), he stayed that way.  So my friend ended up having a cesarean birth.  A very good cesarean, with her rainbow baby kept close by…

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