becoming a midwife….finally!

Well, I finally made it, I just finished all my made up time work (in the 3 weeks that was supposed to be holiday at the end of the course!) and tomorrow is officially the last day of my course. So I will be no longer a student midwife, but a midwife, which is a slightly scary thought! Up until now, I’ve had somebody looking over my shoulder the whole time, not literally, especially this year, I’ve been given quite a lot of independence, but there has always been a qualified midwife looking over my documentation and making sure that I know what I’m doing, and that I’m doing the right thing.

I start a new job as a registered midwife in a few weeks time, when my PIN number comes through from the NMC, and I’m quite excited to be given that responsibility, to be working with woman, it’s something I’ve wanted for over 10 years now, and to finally be here is quite overwhelming. When I hit send on the last email to my personal tutor to get work signed off, I went blank for a moment, and then realised I was crying and couldn’t stop. It’s been an emotional rollercoaster over the last 3 years, with doses of extreme anxiety, a high level of marital  debate, never enough time for anything, and rarely any time off. The constant lack of funds has been a major source of stress, and childcare has been difficult at times.

The bits I will remember fondly from my course, my student friends, we have kept each other sane, even when we were all losing the plot, and laughing hysterically at nothing at all! They have been my rock, and have always been there, even when things were really tough. And the women, the lovely women I have cared for, and watched over as they do the hardest job of their life, growing a baby, birthing a baby, and becoming a mum. It is a privilege to be part of their lives while they struggle, and grow and change. And while they are going through all this stuff, they have always been nothing but kind to me, and grateful for whatever support I manage to give them.

If you are starting your journey towards becoming a midwife, I would like to tell you that you are a unique individual, and what you bring to working with women is personal to you. During the course, you will discover reserves of strength you never knew you had, and be amazed at the skills you will gain, you will end up doing things you would never have believed yourself capable of. Being with woman is thrilling and challenging, it will be the work of a lifetime, and well worth it.

Good luck! xx