Why did I become a student midwife?

So you’re thinking about studying midwifery – well, you’re not alone. The interest in midwifery as a career has grown enormously in the last few years, fuelled at least in part by ‘Call the Midwife’ and ‘One Born Every Minute’. Both these shows have given us an insight into the kind of work a midwife does. Call the Midwife because of the community-based midwifery it shows, and the lovely home births, and One Born Every Minute because of the way it shows real people reacting to emotional situations.

346 - Liam Kincheon Lander

346 - Liam Kincheon Lander (Photo credit: eyeliam)

I have seen a lot of my own experiences in One Born, and I especially enjoy seeing the midwives talking to the women, their partners and mums, having a joke together, getting everybody relaxed, and making the experience less scary. I’m a second year Midwifery student, and that’s my only qualification for writing this blog, I’ve been there. The desperate desire to make it onto the course, the incredibly long process of applying, and waiting to hear if you’ve got an interview, followed by the wait for the offer or the brush-off. The hours in between spent second-guessing your own personal statement, and sharing your fears and worries with other people in the same position on blogs and internet forums.

So why did I decide to abandon my fairly well-paid job in administration for the call of midwifery? I’d had enough of a job that was both high-stress and extremely boring, I wanted to make a difference. And now I do.